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    Alchemy Mastery. The Guide to rank up alchemy quick


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    Alchemy Mastery. The Guide to rank up alchemy quick

    Post  Lextzo on Tue Sep 08, 2009 9:10 pm

    Hey, Lex here.

    After discussing what Alchemy skills we are adding into i looked up alchemy mastery and started looking at what we need to do to max out this option.

    Looking at the requirements I feel that its the best idea if we look over this issue again.

    The requirements in this link have to do with ALL the alchemy skills. Because of this out builds need to be i made a chart on a peice of paper. its acutaly very difficult to do it if we dont start out the right way! so here are special requirements.
    Novice. Only acception to fight with alchemy till further ranks
    Rank F.Make crystals. Yes thats right ur only allowed to make from here because there is no positive side to killing things with alchemy at this point. so save them for later. And buy this time you should be making a alchemy Crystal for the skill you are using. OTHER THAN Protective wall, Golem Transmutation Synthesis and Dissolution. Theese are used later.
    Rank E. From this point on you are allowed to yuse Mana Forming for Alchemy Mastery exp. Since this is new it saves allot of time to make this.
    Rank D. Same old routine. By now you should have plenty of crystals to use for Rank C.
    Rank C. From here on you can kill all types of enemies with alchemy, but its not really recomended for the experience gained is little. if you were to rank up faster by using this method you will have to funcion like a bot.
    Rank B. There is now a reward for finishing off enemies. This makes the whole kill think harder. but in the end it isnt cause its not CP effected XD
    Rank A. This rank is tough but good news at R9 You can stop!
    Rank 9. Yeah this is the minimum required level alchemy before you can start off with Protective wall And Golem Transmutation because at rank 9 you get experience every time you do so so its a great way to start. but anyways the way this should work is.
    Novice: Kill Enemies with the purchaseable crystals.
    F: Stick around making them.Make sure u rank up the skill itself too for Sucsess Rate.
    E-D: Repeat F
    C-A:Grind kills and make stuff. Go causal its no rush
    9+ you can start using more advanced alchemy skills! XD
    All for now i got stuff to do!

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